Self-Study Audio Courses To Help You Become A More Empowered And Confident Preemie and/or Special Needs Parent

As someone who’s been there and continues to be there as a parent, my passion is to walk alongside you and provide you with Professional support and guidance coupled with compassion and understanding to help you proactively work through your fears, guilt, overwhelm and anxiety so you can feel more confident in your parenting journey. I’m an Accredited Professional Life Coach but more importantly, I’m a preemie and special needs mum….and I get you. I understand your feelings and can relate to your struggles and challenges. I don’t want you to feel stuck or alone in your parenting journey though, but rather empowered and clear about where you are now, where you want to be and how you will get there. This is why I created these self-study audio courses for you ~ to help you move forward and be a much more empowered person and parent. There are four (4) courses to choose from, each one addressing a challenging topic area that preemie and special needs parents often face. Each one is designed for you to complete over the course of a week, but you are welcome to work through each at your own pace. Register and complete all four (4)  or only focus on the one that is most beneficial to you at this moment.

The courses are:

  • At Home, Now What? – Making the Emotional Transition Smoother from NICU to Home
  • Anxiety Bursting and Confidence Building for Preemie and Special Needs Parents
  • Letting Go of Guilt and Embracing Your Parenting Gifts
  • Finding Your Voice as you Advocate for Your Child

Which empowerment audio course speaks to YOU?

Each self-study audio course is self-paced and includes:

  • Pre-recorded Coaching-based Themed content available 24/7
  • Short 20-30 minute audio classes with Gigi on a specific topics relevant to preemie and special needs parents which includes relevant information, self-reflection, coaching-based tips and strategies designed to move you forward as a special parent
  • Access to content after course is completed, via MP3 download to continue to listen to on your computer, iPod, in the car or in the comfort of your own home
  • Membership to a private online community Facebook group where you’ll receive support, ideas and resources from me and other parent group members
  • Receipt of Gigi’s monthly newsletter –From Surviving to Thriving – that includes a monthly special parenting tip to help you get through it all when you’re feeling frazzled
  • A complimentary 20 min Discovery coaching session (*available to you if you’re interested in exploring in-depth life/parent coaching or simply finding about more about Gigi and coaching to see if it’s right for you)

At Home, Now What? – Making The Emotional Transition Smoother From NICU To Your Home

Your baby was recently discharged from the NICU and you feel completely lost. Although at home, you’re experiencing unexpected feelings of anxiety, fear and of being overwhelmed. The transition from hospital to home is a critical and emotionally fraught time when NICU parents need the most support but often is when they receive the least. This audio course will give you that support by helping you to more effectively manage some common post-NICU challenges you may face, so that your transition is better, calmer and smoother. It will cover four (4) broad topic areas that parents usually encounter after they’ve left the NICU and arrive home, which are:

  • NICU Separation Anxiety
  • Medical Avalanche
  • Developmental Concerns, and
  • Relationship Disconnect


Anxiety Busting and Confidence Building For Preemie And Special Needs Parents

Anxiety is a very common and understandable emotion for preemie and special needs parents to have. It’s expected, given the often traumatic journey you’re on, but if not addressed, it can also be extremely detrimental. Constant anxiety though, can lead to a host of physical and emotional problems and wreak havoc on your self-worth and confidence both as a parent and as a person. This does not have to be. You can flip that ‘anxiety expectation’ on its head and be very positive and proactive about being less anxious and more open to creating and owning your confidence. This audio course will help you do that by encouraging you to explore anxiety from your perspective and providing you with two simple but powerful (2) confidence building strategies/tools you can implement immediately. You will come away feeling less anxious and unsure as a preemie and/or special needs parent and more confident and certain as you encounter the daily parental challenges that come your way.


Letting Go Of Guilt And Embracing Your Parenting Gifts

Do you struggle with guilt and feel guilty (and maybe even a little angry) about the unexpected parenting journey you’re currently on now? Do you find yourself over-analyzing your actions, decision-making or parenting style? Are you blaming yourself for what has happened to your preemie or special needs child? If so, this audio course is for you. It’s broken down into two sections and aimed at exploring some of the most common reasons guilt is felt by preemie and special needs parents as well as ones that may be felt by you in your own life. This course will also help you to uncover, identify and embrace your very own parental gifts that may be hidden, even from yourself, and explore ways in which we can use them to help you let go of your guilt that may be holding you back as a parent. The two (2) sections of this audio course are as follows:

  • Guilt Release
  • Gift Embrace


Finding Your Voice As You Advocate For Your Child

As a preemie and/or special needs parent, understandably, you can become so accustomed to listening to everyone else’s voices and opinions on how to advocate and care for our child, that your own voice can become a whisper or even worse, silent. In certain situations, it may make sense to listen to the voices of your child’s doctor, nurse, therapist, specialist, teacher, family member and on and on – but how often do you listen to our own voice? Do you even remember that you have one? How can you effectively advocate (i.e. be the voice of) your child if you’re not using the voice you already have? Whether it’s advocating for your child within the healthcare or educational systems, in recreational/social activities or even at family events, you need to be able to do this successfully and effectively. This audio course is designed to help you do just that by further exploring the concept of voice and advocacy and introducing some key coaching-based strategies aimed at helping you find your voice again and use it to better advocate for your child ~ and yourself ~ along your parenting journey.

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