Special Parents, Special Solutions HAS LAUNCHED and to Celebrate this Launch,  Families Blossoming LLC is pleased to present:


A FREE Teleseminar for Special Parents

Seeing You and Your Child  Through a
Different Pair of Eyes

Wednesday October 20th at 12noon (EST)/11am (CST)/10am (MST)/9am (PST)/5pm (GMT)

You are a parent. More specifically, you are a parent of a precious child born prematurely, or a child who is medically vulnerable and/or a child who has special needs.

So, I guess now, that makes you a ‘special parent.’ You have officially entered the world of parenthood – but through a very different and unexpected route.  

What does it all mean? Even if you’ve been on the special parenting journey for a while, you still have times, more often than not, when situations just seem to trip you up.

  • Maybe you feel scared, anxious and overwhelmed by it all.
  • Or possibly you feel a bit uncomfortable with even using the term ‘special needs’
  • Maybe you are fearful about what this ‘label’ will now mean for you and your child in the long-term
  • You feel ill-equipped to handle a child with special needs, or
  • You feel like you are constantly fighting the perceptions and expectations of your child from others
  • Or, maybe you just feel very alone in dealing with all of the external and internal challenges that come from being a special parent.

No one told you that you would be here and no one told you how to cope. Until now…..

This 1 hour teleseminar will take place over the phone, and will be given by me, Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez, a parent coach and special parent myself. I’ve specifically designed it to give you, among other things, five (5) clear ways that will help you cope by improving and/or changing your view of yourself as a special parent and of your child, for the better. This call is open to both moms and dads, so feel free to join in on it together!

Don’t hesitate to reserve your place below on this amazing free call

During this call, you will discover:

  • The three (3) most common emotions that special parents struggle with
  • The one (1) thing  that all special parents want
  • The power of beliefs
  • How your beliefs about special needs affect your perspective and how you interact as a parent
  • Five (5) tips that will help you positively change how you view yourself and your child

Gigi and AlejandroA little blurb about me: I am a parent coach but more importantly, I am the mother of Alejandro – an amazing little 4 year old boy – who entered this world at 24 weeks gestation weighing 645 grams. Due to his extensive stay in the NICU, multiple complications and surgeries, he is now legally blind with moderate developmental delays.

Inspired by Alejandro and touched by the many families I have met and continue to meet along our post-NICU journey,  I was compelled to create Families Blossoming LLC, a company dedicated to helping parents of children born premature, who are sick or medically vulnerable and/or who have special needs, thrive. I am passionate about helping what I like to call, ‘special parents of special kids’ reach a point of clarity, direction and optimism for their lives. I hold a BSc in Occupational Therapy (USA), a MSc in Health, Population and Society (UK) and a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (Distinction) from The Coaching Academy (UK). Due to my belief that I should never stop learning, I am currently in the process of studying to become further accredited by the International Coach Foundation (ICF) and am working on writing a book for special parents – the latter is proving to be a huge learning curve for me.

Some recent testimonials from parents whom I have had the honor of working with:

“I am in a better place, literally”.

“[You] are exactly what I needed”.

“This helps me target what [I’m] trying to do”

“THANK YOU. [I am] really feeling into my emotions [and] it’s very liberating!”

Gigi helps special parents

I know that you are busy. So, don’t worry if you are not able to make the call LIVE because the call will be recorded and made available to you for a limited time. That way, as long as you have registered, you can listen and learn on your own time.

Register Now!

In keeping with our celebratory mode, there is a goodie attached to this call. Yay!

As there are only 4 spaces left on this round of the Special Parents, Special Solutions online Program, everyone who signs up to participate in this amazing free teleseminar call and who registers for the online program within 48 hours after the call, will be placed in a draw. Even the parents who have already registered for and are currently taking part in this first round of the online program, will be placed in the draw! One lucky special parent will be picked (randomly) to receive a complimentary one (1) full month of direct 1:1 coaching and unlimited support from me! (Value: Priceless – because your growth and overall well-being are invaluable)

This could be you! So, to avoid any disappointment, please:

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  • Add the date to your diary:

Wednesday October 20th at 12noon (EST)/11am (CST)/10am (MST)/9am (PST)/5pm (GMT)

Don’t worry, I’ll send you a message with the Teleseminar Number for you to call and your Special Access Code in advance of the teleseminar.

I look forward to ‘meeting’, sharing  and celebrating with you on the 20th Oct!


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