It’s hard to take care yourself.


It can be difficult to focus in a fast-paced every changing work environment and this can feel even harder if you’re a caretaker of a loved one. By nature, caregivers give frequently and very rarely take time or care of themselves. Most companies rarely give their employees this time or even realize that they need it. Recent studies show that if employees don’t feel supported (even emotionally) at work, it can have adverse effects on their stress, productivity and effectiveness.  There is often gap between a caregiver employees needs and their employer’s demands/expectations.

I help to close that gap. For the employee, I help to increase their awareness of their emotional triggers and stressors and how to implement holistic self-care at work. For the employer, I help them understand the importance of community and self-care for their work force, particularly for those who are caregivers, and help them to either create and build upon a culture of an authentic and ‘well’ community.


I do this by in four (4) ways:

  • Bespoke Workshops and Seminars on specific employee wellness topics affecting your team or organization ( ½ day or Whole Day)
  • Employee Caregiver Trainings
  • Consulations
  • Creating Community in the Workplace