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empowered parentingBorn out of two shared hearts, minds and similarly-felt experiences (and created via a big push from my webmaster extraordinaire Diane), this Kindle book was developed by Marianne and I based off of our successful Disability or Different Abilities 2-part Teleseminar a few years ago.

After creating and co-presenting the Teleseminar, we received lots of feedback that helped Marianne and I realize that what we were sharing touched a nerve, in a good way, and was extremely valuable to share in a more tangible and accessible manner.

Empowered Parenting for Children with Special Needs

Our key message was and is simple: that parents (and their children with special needs) can be empowered.

Given that there is so much ‘assumed dis-empowerment’ that is associated with children who have special needs, we wanted to challenge this notion and completely turn it on its head, stick our tongues out at it and say ‘so there’!

Most importantly, we wanted to give parents the tools they needed in order to start developing and maintaining a more positive and empowering relationship with ‘the world of special needs’, their child and themselves.

We do this by sharing ourselves and our own different yet complimentary life experiences of being a parent of a child with special needs and an adult born with a disability, respectively. Coupled with our shared wisdom as professional coaches, Marianne and I feel like we’ve created something that will further support parents to find their inner strength and voice again.

We are excited to share our kindle book with you and hope you enjoy and gain from its message just as much as we did while writing it!

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“Differently Abled and Still Able – Empowered Parenting for Children with Special Needs” Kindle Edition is now available on Amazon and can be read on your computer, kindle, ereader, iphone or ipad.

Your Feedback

After reading the book, Marianne and I would love to know how it has helped you, add your feedback either below in the comments section, or contact me directly here.


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