Everyone’s Not Smiling this Holiday Season ~ Remember Them



Today is Christmas

For many, it’s a time of happiness, family, friends, food, gifts and holiday cheer

For others, it’s a time of prayer and spiritual remembrance for the One they hold dear

But for an innumerable number of people, Christmas and the holiday season is a time of sadness, loss, and heavy hearts,

For they’ve lost a child, spouse, parent, sibling or other loved one and it’s tearing them completely apart

It’s very difficult for them to smile and be joyous in the midst of the many festivities,

While they’re crying inside and desperately trying to hold onto their vapor-like memories

Or maybe they’re spending their holiday in the NICU staring at their child in the incubator,

Counting down the hours when they can leave that surreal place with their child and say to it ‘see you later’

Please remember these special souls as you celebrate your holiday with glee

Be mindful that, for them, this time of year can feel like they’re losing their sanity

Say a prayer, give them a hug, pick up the phone or take them a meal,

Listen to them, hold their hand or write a handwritten note to help them heal

Sprinkle them generously with gifts that aren’t material,

For these are priceless jewels whose source is plentiful

Do whatever it takes to show them that you care and that they’re not alone

That your love and support is and will always be one of their many cornerstones


Wishing You Light, Laughter and Love this Holiday Season!

Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez

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