Feather Moments for Special Parents

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The New Year is upon us and I want you to embrace those ‘FEATHER MOMENTS’ that are bound to come your way in 2014!

Feather moments can come in all shapes, sizes, people and situations:

  • That quiet voice of encouragement,
  • The helping hands of family and friends,
  • That small yet profound developmental milestone your child will reach,
  • The look of understanding in your partner’s eyes about your daily challenges,
  • The kindness of strangers,
  • Being among other special parents who  ‘get it’ and ‘get you’,
  • That hug when you need it,
  • That shoulder to cry on,
  • The strong support to hold you up when you’re falling down
  • The opportunity to have some  ‘me’ or ‘couple’ time (without guilt please)
  • Your inner belief and confidence that you can do this special parenting thing, even when you feel like you truly can’t…..

I encourage you to slow down, pause and even come to a complete stop if you have to  – for a second, a minute, an hour – however long it takes you to feel the soft, gentle touch of your ‘feather moments’  throughout this New Year.  Really feel and embrace them, learn from them and allow them to carry you throughout the day and ultimately the year with a bucketful of peace and boatload of confidence.

My ‘feather moment’  that I would like to embrace this year is to allow myself to simply be….  This is difficult for me as I have a tendency to spin my wheels forward, backwards and if I’m honest, sometimes nowhere at all. What I’ll learn from just ‘being’ in the midst of my ‘doing’, I’m not sure but I intend to remain curious in order to find out:-).

What would a ‘feather moment’ be for you?

Please share it in the comments section below so we can all grow and learn together.

There are a number of things I have in the works for you which are being designed to not only empower and inspire you but ultimately move you forward and away from anxiety towards a year of amazing confidence. I’m looking forward to sharing soon, so watch this space in the days ahead…..

For now, I continue to applaud you as you parent in a special way and sincerely wish you and your family the most joyous of New Years and every good thing that 2014 has to offer!!!


Warmly and With Gratitude,

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  1. Gigi,

    What a great post! My feather moments came in the form of sharing a lot of love with some cute 7-month old kittens we just adopted. Gregg, Becky and I put aside the craziness of life regularly just to hang out together and snuggle with Baker and Stormy. I am so grateful for them and for my wonderful husband and my incredible daughter. So if I replace the word “feather” with “fur” or even better “purr” that would work. :))

    Love you and Grateful for our friendship,

    • Deb, thanks so much for your thoughts and I love the ‘fur’/ ‘purr’ moments!! This is what’s so great about pausing – you really realize and appreciate what and who is important in your world – and in your case, they include 4-legged family members too!

      Grateful for our friendship too!

      Sending hugs,


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