From Surviving 2 Thriving Fall Workshop Series

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Our From Surving 2 Thriving Fall 2009 Workshop Series is now complete. This was a series of four exciting, fun, informative and interactive sessions aimed at helping parents of children born premature, sick and/or who have special needs, positively cope with and embrace their situation. A wide range of experts spoke on specific topics. Workshop Topics were:1) Home At Last, Now What?

2) Is My Child Developing Normally?

3) Emotional Rollercoaster, Getting Off….or at least Slowing It Down!

4) Education (preschool and up).


The Workshops were a success in many ways but given this was our 1st series, there was and is room for improvement, so that the next series is even better!

**NEW** : Special Parents Special Solutions Online Parent Coaching Program

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We are in the process of reviewing all feedback received and this will significantly influence upcoming workshops we host. We are excited about future series and will keep you updated. Stay tuned……

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