Giving Only What You Have in 2012!

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The Little Drummer Boy (this version in particular) was Alejandro’s favorite song this Christmas and holiday season. Well this song and the one that, in his words: “says my name.” Translation: Alejandro by Lady Gaga. I’m 100% certain that The Little Drummer Boy and Lady Gaga don’t exactly fit well together but hey in the world of a 5 year old – anything is possible!

Whether you celebrated this holiday season with a Nativity Scene, a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, lighting a Menorah, celebrating the seven (7) principles of Kwanzaa, gift-giving, fireworks or simply feasting and laughing with family and friends, for many of us, this time of year was/is a special one. In the song, ‘The Little Drummer Boy’, we catch a glimpse of something that we can so easily miss during this frantic season of giving and receiving gifts and resolution making and breaking, and that is the opportunity to  – give what we have, no more, no less.

The little drummer boy felt inadequate at first, thinking that he didn’t have anything good enough to give but when he realized the one thing that he could give – the playing of his drums –  he quickly stepped up to the plate.

We too can feel like the little drummer boy at times – often thinking that we don’t have anything or enough of anything to give to our children, our spouses, our work, our extended family, our friends and most importantly, ourselves.

This year, let’s aim to flip this thought on its head and focus on the things that we do have to give, while considering these two (2) underlying principles as our guide:

1) Give only what you have to give, not all that you have! – While discussing different ways towards financial stability many years ago, one of my brother-in-laws, Reggie, shared with me a wonderful wisdom nugget that I have never forgotten. He said (and I’m paraphrasing): ‘If someone asks you for $500.00 and all you have is $500.00, you simply say: I don’t have $500.00 to give. You are not lying because you didn’t say that you didn’t have the $500.00, just that you didn’t have it to give!  You may have $50 or $100 to give but not the full amount, and this is perfectly ok.” This always stuck with me and I often think about it now with my parents that I coach. So many of them have completely stretched themselves as thin as a pancake trying to give everything that they have! –  to everyone else, when they know deep down inside that they really can’t and shouldn’t do it because it will only drain them on many levels. This can, and almost often does, also apply to ’emotional giving.’

2) Saying No = Saying Yes –  Simply put, when you start saying no to others, you start saying yes to yourself!

So, as we enter into a New Year – one that I hope for you is filled with a lot more blessings and promises than challenges and heartache. As we focus on ‘giving only what we have’ in 2012, let us also remember that less is oftentimes more in several instances. You can share less time with someone but experience a richer degree of quality within that time.  You owe it to yourself (and to your family) to make 2012 a year filled with lots of giving of what you have – no more, no less.

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