I Gotta A Feeling……

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To take the opening line from the new song by the hit group Black Eyed Peas and modify it a bit, my soul is loudly singing, “I gotta feeling, that this year’s gonna be a good year, that this year’s gonna be a good year, that this year’s gonna be a good, good year.”

Welcome to my 1st ever Families Blossoming blog!!! It’s been a long time coming but better late than never. I am really looking forward to sharing my thoughts and musings as well as upcoming and exciting events with you.

I want this year to be a good year for you and for me which is why many of the things that I’ll be sharing with you or putting out there for you to consider, will be aimed at helping you to thrive as individuals and parents. We will be each other’s cheering squad because we are all very aware of the many challenges that come with having a child who was born early/sick or who has special needs – and how these challenges can often cause us to lose our voices and ourselves.

It is important to remember that ‘this good year feeling’ will be, at times, independent of the situation you find yourself in – because the good feeling really is a state of mind and a decision to remain in this state of mind as much as possible. Of course it is easier said than done…..but it is not impossible. My son Alejandro – an ex-24 weeker who is legally blind – teaches and reminds me daily to stay in this good feeling state of mind, by showing me in immeasurable ways that vision (the ability to embrace the whole essence of what is around you) goes far beyond your sight (what you are technically capable of seeing).

So I end by challenging you to remain in the state of mind that this year’s gonna be a good year! I am looking forward to sharing this year (and this blog) together with you.



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