Moms and Dads Who Are Different….

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Moms and Dads Who Are Different

Here’s to the Moms and Dads who are different,

Moms whose pregnancies were cut short by a premature birth,

Who grieve the loss of a normal pregnancy, while welcoming their child on this earth,

Dads who want to give their spouses/partners support throughout their grief,

But who are grieving themselves, many times with little relief.

Here’s to the moms and dads who are different,

Who unexpectedly enter a strange and surreal world called the NICU, complete with ‘gobbley-gook’ jargon like desat, PDA, NEC, IUGR, NG tube, long lines and reflux,

While many times they are thinking and feeling that all of this NICU stuff, ‘really sucks,’

Moms and Dads who struggle with the fact of intellectually knowing they are parents, although emotionally never really feeling like they are;

Because their bonding was ‘hijacked’ by that dreadful incubator, leaving them with feelings that sometimes feel very bizarre,

Here’s to the PREEMIE  Moms and Dads!

Here’s to the moms and dads who are different,

Whose children people point at and stare,

Who have to count to 100, 200, even 1,000 to avoid exploding under their glare,

Moms and Dads whose worlds are also surreal and include even stranger words, codes and phrases,

Like Asperger’s, ROP, ‘on the spectrum, CP, PDD-NOS, Trisomy 18  – as well as a multitude of other cases;

Moms and Dads who try to embrace (or at the very least understand) their ‘atypically developing child,’

While at the same time, try to stop the many fears in their heart from running really wild,

Moms and Dads who fight vigorously to give their child the best education,

While simultaneously tearing down the walls of perception that appear  bent on keeping their child in a preconceived ‘life station’,

Here’s to the SPECIAL NEEDS Moms and Dads!

Here’s to the Moms and Dads who are different,

Who when it’s all said and done,

Have a uniqueness, perseverance, deep love and strength,

Which shows that they (and their children) have already won!

I celebrate Y-O-U today and everyday and I am proud to stand alongside you as a fellow preemie and special needs parent. Never shy away from being ‘different’ – for it can add a whole lot of color to an otherwise very neutral world.


If you want to continue celebrating your difference (a.k.a. uniqueness) as a parent, check out my kindle e-book that I co-authored entitled, Differently Abled and Still Able!

Co-authored with Marianne DiBlasi, a coach as well as an adult who’s living with a disability, we aim to explore, in a conversational style, how you can turn your viewpoints and feelings about your child’s disability/special need(s) and begin to relate to it in a much more empowered and positive way. Click on the link to the right to to learn more and to buy!

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In my quest to do a much better job with keeping you informed of any and all events that may be relevant and beneficial to you and your family, from now on, I aim to include a section in each newsletter highlighting any upcoming events. If you know of something happening that you feel is important to the preemie/special needs parent community, please don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll shout it out to all!


March of Dimes ‘Best of Westchester’ Fundraising Event

Click on link for more information:

March of Dimes Joe Namath Celebrity Golf Classic Fundraising Event

Find out more by clicking on link:

National Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments (NAPVI), 2012 Families Connecting wth Families Conference. (July 27-29 in Boston, Massachusetts).

Click on link to find out more:


5th Annual Rainbow of Roses Rememberance  (Georgia)

A special event in recognition of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness. (Note: I won’t be able to attend this event but do plan on supporting them by allowing them to honor the 4 little ones we lost too soon)…..

To find out more out more, click on the link below:

Please explore any and all of the above that may be relevant to you and  your situation!

As always, I want to know your thoughts on this and other newsletters – or anything at all for that matter – so please take a moment to leave a comment at the end of this newsletter or drop me an email at: I look forward to hearing from you!


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