“Gigi’s coaching style was flexible, focused and friendly, in a supportive manner. She was also challenging, at times, when required and supportive during the process and maintained her professionalism.” – Usha

“ I appreciate Gigi’s sensitive and thoughtful approach to our coaching sessions.” – Grace

“Gigi was excellent at guiding me through my own “mind clutter” to help me focus on the real goals and actions I wanted to create. She would compassionately steer me back toward my goak when I would ramble off track. I was always impressed at how she did that without me feeling rushed by her.” – Yvonne

“Gigi is an excellent coach and has a very gentle manner with fantastic listening skills.” – Emma

“I trust Gigi, I know that I am in good hands.” Antonella

“Gigi is a coach of immense insight. Her compassion and genuine support on my journey has been priceless. Her holistic approach allowed me to freely express where I was and where I wanted to go. Most importantly, I felt heard.” – Xenia

“Gigi is a very personable coach. She is very enthusiastic and seems to really care about my progress. She has an organized approach and a talent for listening and mirroring back information. What I found most helpful is that the sessions helped me make myself accountable for what I achieved and what I had yet to achieve.” – Ayana


“Life is like a mirror – we get the best results when we smile at it.” – Anonymous

Coaching Testimonials
Thank you to all of the parents, professionals and organizations for sharing your experience of working with me.testimonials. I’m very grateful and hope your words will encourage others who are at a crossroads in their personal, professional and/or organizational journey to ask for the support they need to move forward.