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teen students standing on school desks


“I stand up on my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.”

Robin Williams, Actor and Comedian (from Dead Poets Society)

Did you stand on your desk in 2015? Will you stand on it in 2016?

The New Year is always a time full of reflection (and perhaps some regret) on things that happened or didn’t happen the previous year but equally, it’s also a time of rejuvenation; to begin the year anew. To refresh or change your perspective for the better and to do, say, think, hear and feel things differently. It’s a time to ‘stand on your desk’.

When I came across this quote above, I paused, and asked myself how many times have I figuratively or literally stood on my desk this past year? Answer: not that many times….actually not once.  I ~ and probably you too ~ can easily justify this in our heads by reasoning that it’s hard to stand when you feel like you’re falling ~ which is a common feeling/emotion for many preemie and special needs parents. We simply don’t feel strong enough sometimes to stand against the many challenges and nuances that come with being a preemie/special needs parent, right? It’s a justification that makes perfect sense given our unique parenting lives, but one that won’t hold out forever or take us to the next step. At some point, we will have to stand. Let 2016 be the year to do it and let me help you get there!

So, how do you Stand On Your Desk? There are many ways but one that is easy, practical and effective is: 

Go outside in nature ~ this simple move is a surefire way for many of us to change our perspective. Take a walk outside in a park or simply step outside for a moment and breathe in some fresh air. Reflect on where you are as a parent and as a person while sitting beside a lake, on a rock, near a flower, etc instead of inside the four walls of your home.

Nature is freeing, wide open and boundless….allow yourself to be too.

Last but not least, over the coming weeks, I will be sharing with you a number of  exciting things currently in the works here at Families Blossoming that are designed to give you that fresh start you need, help you ‘stand on your desk’ and make this year one of the best ever for you in terms of equipping and empowering you as a special parent and person! For now, I’m sharing one with you to get you started on your ‘desk standing’ for this New Year ~ my FREE 3 Part Overwhelm to Confidence Video Series. I created it for three (3) reasons:

1) To let you know that you’re not alone on your parenting journey,

2) To help you become a more confident, positive and empowered preemie and/or special needs parent, and

3) Allow you to get to know me better via video instead of solely through the written word. [Admittedly, this was a little challenging for me as putting my face and voice out there was definitely not in my comfort zone].

The series is inclusive of relevant content pertaining to areas that we often struggle with as preemie/special needs parents as well as clear, simple and effective strategies to ensure 2016 and the years to come are a time of new perspectives, clarity, joy and direction for you. Check it out by by clicking on the link below and registering today for your complimentary 3 Part Video Series: It’s my New Year’s gift to you.

As always, share your thoughts with me either via my contact form  or via email: about what I’ve shared here in this post or anything else that’s of concern to you and your parenting journey. I’m here for you and promise to respond within 24 hours or sooner. Take care and I am excited about helping you become a more positive and empowered YOU in 2016!


Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez



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