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Specifically Designed for Parents of Children with a Disability/Special Need

“Disability or Different Abilities”

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You are a parent of a child who has a disability/special need.

At any given moment and sometimes at the same time, you feel confused, angry, overwhelmed, alone, ostracized, scared, powerless or just like you don’t fit in.

Dealing with a disability/special need was not what you signed up for – but somebody registered you for the course anyway – and gave you lifetime membership!

Any of this sounds familiar?

If so, then this teleseminar was created just for you!

This amazing interactive 2-part teleseminar series will take place over the phone and will be co-hosted by Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez of Families Blossoming LLC and Marianne DiBlasi of Disability Visibility.

Gigi will share viewpoints from the perspective of being a parent of a child with special needs and Marianne from the perspective of being an Adult who was born with a disability.

The essence of this interactive 2-part teleseminar series is to offer new insights from the perspective of the parent and child, respectively. Together, we will expand possibilities of how to be in relationship with disability in a more positive and empowering way.

During our time together, we will be conversing and exploring:

  • Disability – your relationship to it, your feelings and your experiences about it
  • Empowerment – as a parent, as a child
  • The impact disability/special need has on you, your child, your relationships
  • Navigating through a myriad of systems and professional ‘experts’
  • Embracing another viewpoint: Different Abilities

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Extra Goodies for Registrants

This teleseminar will be so full of great value that is will take place in two parts on two (2) days. When you register, you will not only be able to participate live in both calls but, because we know that you may be busy in your life and we don’t want you to miss out, we’ll also send you full audio replays* of both parts.

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About Us:

Gigi and AlejandroGigi is a parent coach who specializes in working with parents of children born early, who are sick and/or medically vulnerable and/or parents of children with special needs.

More importantly, Gigi is the mother of Alejandro, an amazing little 4 year old boy, who entered this world at 24 weeks gestation weighing 645 grams. Due to his extensive stay in the NICU, multiple complications and surgeries, he is now legally blind with moderate developmental delays.

Gigi’s ongoing personal parenting experience makes her passionate about helping other special parents through their own unique journeys.

marianne picMarianne DiBlasi is the Principal Whole Life Coach at Disability Visibility.  She was born with a disability, Spina Bifida, which rendered her legs partially paralyzed.

She offers guidance to individuals and couples who are navigating through the emotional, social and relationship issues that come into play when their lives have been impacted by disability, and provides a path to being more fully alive and empowered.

Parents Say:

“So many times I felt myself nodding my head in total agreement”

“ So much [that you discussed] resonated with me”

“I was really impressed with your connection and understanding of what we [parents of preemies] go through”

We really look forward to sharing so much with you on what is going to be an uplifting and inspiring teleseminar.

Gigi & Marianne

Come join us – register your place today!