Today’s Reflections….

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Today – June 22nd – was my 40th Birthday!! and I am embracing this new decade with my arms wide, wide open! Today has been so wonderful for me on so many levels and it was largely spent with me basking in the love, happiness and hugs of my hubby, son and family and friends from all over this beautiful world. I have been a bit surprised at how emotional (in a good way) I have been all day and it has also caused me to reflect a bit on my life thus far and to ponder the future…..

What keeps replaying in my head??? Just this: Be IN Your Life!  By this I mean to truly be present – in every moment, every second, every day of your life. Breathe it, live it, laugh in it, cry in it, feel it, work hard in it but be just as playful with it. Don’t be the guest in  your own life – but be the best host/hostess to yourself that you can be!

Today I simply reveled in being Gigi and all of the gifts that being me has brought and will continue to bring me.  One of the most powerful gifts today was feeling the pure waves of love and friendship literally wash over me from so many people around the globe. I just allowed myself to really feel it….and boy did it feel nice.

Are you reveling in yourself today? If not, please start……


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