1:1 Coaching

As an ICF-Accredited Coach, Gigi is passionate about you intentionally, boldly, and joyfully becoming the best version of yourself in all areas of your life. She provides 1:1 Professional Coaching to help you do just that. Coaching is a journey of self-discovery you embark on to resolve issues you feel are holding you back, keeping you stuck, or making your life less than what you want it to be.

Note: (*Minimum Commitment is 3 Months) Coaching is done virtually, via Zoom, allowing you to choose a comfortable and private space away from distractions so you can fully participate in the coaching session.

Working with me is a commitment to change and an investment of your time, energy, and money. I want you to be more than comfortable about what you are investing in and be excited about making impactful changes in your life, career, or organization.
For this reason, I never take on a client unless I am sure that we are a right fit and can wholeheartedly work together. Hence, I offer 20-Minute Complimentary Discovery Sessions before you make a commitment.

A Discovery Session is a virtual conversation where we spend time talking about YOU and your goals. I get to know a little more about you and you about me. It is where you can ask any queries you may have and decide if Coaching is right for you and I am right as your Coach. I want you to come away from your Discovery Session feeling excited and eager about getting started.

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Your 1:1 Coaching Plan Includes:

6 x 1 hour Personalized Coaching Sessions over a 3 month-period

3 x 15-minute laser-focused "joy-finding emergency" calls/month (if you need urgent support in between your 1-hour Coaching Sessions)

Unlimited Email Support between Coaching Sessions

Post-Session Resources, Tools, Strategies (in addition to what is provided during Coaching Sessions, as/if appropriate)

When you begin the coaching process, you are making a significant investment in the most important person in your life – YOURSELF.
*Note:  After the initial 3-month term, you can book subsequent sessions on a month-by-month ‘preferred client’ basis at a 10% discount off the standard monthly rate.
*All fees must be paid in full, in advance of coaching sessions commencing, unless other arrangements have been previously made and agreed.

Please Refer To Our Terms and Conditions of Service.

How It Works

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Coaching Commences - YAY!

Gigi was excellent at guiding me through my own “mind clutter” to help me focus on the real goals and actions I wanted to create. She would compassionately steer me back toward my stated goal when I would ramble off track. I was always impressed at how she did that without me feeling rushed by her.

Yvonne M., Preemie Parent

Gigi is a coach of immense insight. Her compassion and genuine support on my journey has been priceless. Her holistic approach allowed me to freely express where I was and where I wanted to go. Most importantly, I felt heard.

Xenia D., Small Business Owner/Consultant

Gigi is a very personable coach. She is very enthusiastic and seems to really care about my progress. She has an organized approach and a talent for listening and mirroring back information. What I found most helpful is that the sessions helped me make myself accountable for what I achieved and what I had yet to achieve.

Ayana H., University Professor

Gigi’s coaching style was flexible, focused and friendly, in a supportive manner. She was also challenging, at times, when required and supportive during the process and maintained her professionalism.

Usha P., Healthcare Manager

I trust Gigi, I know that I am in good hands.

Antonella C., Preemie Parent

As the Program Manager for a Coaching Program that involves over 35 organizations with over 130 internal coaches, I am constantly looking for great resources and sessions to support my coaches and also build coaching skills for managers. Gigi has assisted by developing and delivering extraordinary workshops that met their needs and exceeded my expectations. She is skillful and insightful as a trainer and possesses phenomenal coaching skills. Her ability to connect with and adapt to learners at different skill and awareness levels is exceptional. I do not hesitate in recommending her to any organization.

Marykate D., Professional Organization

My coaching experience with Gigi was positive in every way. I always felt understood and supported, encouraged to explore ideas and feelings in a non-judgemental environment. Gigi’s style instantly put me at ease. Her experiences as a preemie mom facilitated an ease of conversation as I was uncovering raw emotions – she understood where I was coming from. She also helped me through a current situation and gave me support, tools and confidence to handle the situation effectively. I highly recommend Gigi and her coaching style.

Lisa M., Preemie Parent

I appreciate Gigi’s sensitive and thoughtful approach to our coaching sessions.

Grace P., Teacher

Gigi is an excellent coach and has a very gentle manner with fantastic listening skills.

Emma W., Business Owner