Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.


Hi there, I am Gigi –

An ICF-Accredited Professional Coach, NICU/Special Needs Parent, Believer in You, and Positive Change Agent committed to helping people like you find your joy by discovering your passion, purpose, and presence.

You run the risk of losing yourself and your direction if you don’t.

Through my 3P-focused coaching programs and services, I empower you to uncover your Passion, Purpose, and Presence – a.k.a. your 3Ps!
In other words, What is your joy (Passion), Why does it matter (Purpose), and How does it show up in your life (Presence)?

Why am I so passionate about you having clarity on and alignment of your 3Ps?

Two reasons…

You live congruently.

I know first-hand what it’s like to not have it.

My Story

This is a part of my story, but it is the main part of my “Why.” The other part, I’ll share when we meet.

Losing 4 pregnancies and eventually delivering my 645-gram son prematurely at 24 weeks, knocked me for six. He was the size of my hand and during those 5 ½ months we spent in the NICU watching him fight for every single breath, I lost my way, my voice, and myself. My joy was lacking, not because I wasn’t grateful to have my son – I was, but because I was no longer clear about my purpose or direction and felt completely rudderless.

Rudderless – Lacking a clear sense of one’s aims or principles

Not really knowing who I was anymore or was supposed to be, left me simply existing in a fog, which only got thicker when I learned that complications of his prematurity would cause him to lose his sight. Realizing my son would never be able to see my face or this beautiful world around him in the same way I did hurt. However, somewhere along the way, that fog began to slowly lift after I finally understood a valuable lesson my son taught me: “The heart sees what the eyes cannot.” He would see me – in his own unique way.

This was the beginning of me finding my Joy.

I vowed and began to change this narrative of feeling lost, fearful,, and overwhelmed to one of purpose, passion and presence. First for myself, later for other NICU parents, and now for people like Y-O-U.
Through a combination of reflection · prayer · further professional study · falling down (quite a few times) · getting up again · tapping into my clinical and management skills as a former Healthcare specialist and manager · learning from my successes but most importantly from my failures · and a bunch of other stuff, I started to finally identify and embrace those essential things, people, spaces I needed in my life to anchor and ground me. Those things that made me shout with excitement (my passion), focus with clarity (my purpose) and feel complete in my being (my presence). Those things that made me feel be bold enough to remove the clutter, obstacles, and heart and mind cobwebs that had so successfully trapped me. Those things that pushed me to be JOYFUL. I want the same for you….and once you have it, to never lose it again.
This is only part of my story, but it’s the part that shows you that life can be ever-changing, unpredictable, scary, and emotionally chaotic, but equally positive, liberating, empowering, and transformative.

My son holding my pinky finger in the NICU

This is my story – What is yours?

In which areas of your life:

• Have you lost your rudder?
• Are you being present but not present with your family and friends, at work, with yourself?
• Was the last time you felt an uncontrolled excitement about something?

If you are struggling to remember, that is a clear indicator that it is past time for you to find your JOY.  Together we will discover or rediscover your unique place where your passion, your presence, and your purpose collide.

Inspiring Positive Change.


The best journeys are not always in straight lines.


My Journey Snapshot

• From mechanical engineering (not finishing) to an MSc (London School of Economics and Political Science)
• From several pregnancy losses to being the mother of an incredible son born at 24 weeks weighing 645 grams
• From a Neurology Occupational Therapist to a Professional Life Coach (sprinkled with Therapy and Project Management in between)
• From taking what I see for granted to realizing that you don’t need sight to see what and who is important -you have your heart for that
• From a small-town girl in the USA to a world traveler (25 countries and counting)
• From working solely with individuals to providing bespoke services for teams and organizations
• From a land of physical plenty to a land of physical want (mission/charity work in Central America) – but realizing the latter were far richer in the ways that mattered
• From Fear to Leaps of Faith

and my journey continues…

My Approach

To move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

As your coach, my focus will be upon your discovery process and how it creates the experience(s) you seek to learn, explore, shift, and develop to help you intentionally and joyfully become the best version of yourself.
I follow a transformational model of coaching with a holistic and reflective approach which has, at its core, the belief that you have the power to choose values and behaviors that generate an experience for you that is magnificent, impactful, and in alignment with your true self.

I help you to embrace your passion, know your purpose, and own your presence.

Whatever the experience is you seek – be it personal growth and satisfaction, professional development, organizational change, relationship improvement, resolution of issues or simply having more meaning and impact in your life – the key to transforming your life lies within you.
The coaching relationship is intimate, challenging, and can sometimes be downright intrusive and profoundly provocative. This is perfectly ok – as long as finding your Joy is the outcome.

Let’s Jump in and Get Started!