Inspiring Change, Finding Purpose, Embracing Joy

“The heart sees what the eyes cannot.” – Julie Howard

Gigi is an experienced speaker, presenter and facilitator having presented at a number of conferences and seminars, and led several workshops and trainings, across the USA and Europe. She brings to all her presentations a listening ear, deep compassion, laughter, connection and keenness to go on your journey with you!

Note: Speaking engagements are offered virtually, via Zoom, or in person (London-only). If face-to-face outside of London is preferred, this will be considered pending further discussion. (Additional Costs apply).

Mutual connection with an audience to impact positive change is downright energising and incredibly JOYFUL.

Let’s make that connection happen today by reaching out to me here and scheduling me for your next presentation or event.

Popular Topics Include:


Healthy Leadership, Healthy Organizations


Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Confidence


Intentionally Creating a Healthy Leadership Culture


Find Your Voice, Find Your Joy


Wellness – The Power of an Organization


Being Confident, Fully Present, and Authentically You on Purpose

Speaker Overview

For more than a decade, I have been a passionate change agent committed to helping individuals, leaders and organizations become intentionally present and move from where they are now to where they need and want to be with clarity and direction. Combining my personal life experiences, international clinical and management skills, free- spiritedness, world travels, coaching expertise, slightly off humor and total belief in you and your potential, my presentations are designed to motivate, inspire and empower you to find your joy. I am an experienced speaker, presenter and facilitator having presented at conferences and seminars internationally.

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Ms. Khonyongwa-Fernandez is highly educated, insightful, and a gifted speaker whose passion for children and families pours through her every spoken word. She has a way of seeing the entire person in a holistic sense, and is able to grasp where their life is headed, unearth the deepest desires and fears they have for their children, and to offer them practical tools so they can be the best parents for their children. She articulates her research, experience and insights clearly so that those listening can easily grasp the concepts and put them into practice.

Founder & Executive Director – NICU Parent Network

Gigi attended Shareunion and conducted a session entitled Relationship Disconnect and Reconnection for NICU Couples to an audience of approximately 60 people. She was incredible and was the first to receive a standing ovation in the eight years of this gathering. Her sensitive, engaging style enabled audience members to share deeply troubling and difficult aspects of their relationships and themselves, and with Gigi’s help, to identify potential solutions.

Director Family-Centered Care & Family Engagement, March of Dimes National Office

At Prolacta, our mission to positively impact the outcomes of preterm infant lives is tantamount to everything we do. Every decision that is made is made in terms of what is best for babies. I often say there are mission-driven companies and then there is Prolacta. We take it to the next level. As such, it was important to me that when considering outside consultants for the Women's Leadership Development Academy (WLDA) that the individual not only be an effective coach who could bring real world leadership and wellness support to the incredible women that make up the WLDA, but also to really be able to understand how everything we do at Prolacta ties back to the babies we serve. Gigi is all of that and so much more. She brought to our organization the tools we needed to gain better perspective of how, as women, we could empower ourselves and each other to propel ourselves forward both as women and as an organization. It is my hope that one day soon we can continue this work in person if only so that I may be the recipient of a world-famous Gigi hug.

VP, Prolacta Bioscience

Our May event was hosted by the wonderful Gigi a professional performance coach and founder of Families Blossoming. Gigi started the lunchtime session by casting us away on to an island of our choice, one by one each island disappeared, and an alternative had to be selected. This exercise highlighted to us that our first choices tend to be familiarity and that many of us feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar place. The session continued with discussion, facilitated by exercises, on our voice, what we define as our voice and when we feel comfortable and not so comfortable to use it, we considered what are the factors that make these situations difference. Gigi finished the session with 3 strategies for us to take away and apply in our own time and space. [….] The session was practical, relevant and empowering.

Business Analyst, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Design & Engineering

Gigi was excellent [….] well informed and engaged. The session was well prepared, well-structured and allowed meaningful participation from attendees.

HR Manager, MBDA Missile Systems

Thank you for your wonderful presentation. It was outstanding and was very well received.

Director, Administration and Operations, EFCNI