1. At Home, Now What? Making The Emotional Transition Smoother From NICU To Your Home

Effectively manage some common post-NICU challenges.

2. Anxiety Bursting, Confidence Building for Preemie & Special Needs Parents

Confidence building strategies and tools you can implement immediately!

3. Let Go of Guilt - Embracing Your Parenting Gifts

Uncover, identify, and embrace your very own parental gifts.

4. Finding Your Voice As You Advocate For Your Child Self-Study Audio Program

Become a more empowered and confident preemie and/or special needs parent.

Entering the surreal worlds of prematurity and special needs can feel like you’re on a never-ending roller-coaster ride of emotions – because you are. Anxiety, guilt, and anger are only a few of the daily emotional challenges you may face and seem to engulf you in waves – leaving you feeling stuck and unable to move forward.

I get it.

I’ve been there and am walking a very similar walk as you – maybe just a step or two ahead.

It’s difficult to describe:

• Being in the NICU
• Having a baby born prematurely and/or sick
• Losing your baby
• Receiving a life-changing special needs diagnosis for your child
• Trying to understand and advocate for appropriate education for your child with special needs

Get the support you need to become more empowered and reach a point of hope. Gain clarity and direction for your unique parenting journey. I can help you through my audio programs and, if you prefer, 1:1 Coaching.

The Audio Program is specifically created for NICU Parents/Families and includes:


Recorded coaching-based themed content available 24/7.


Concise 20-30 minute audio classes with Gigi on specific topics relevant to NICU and special needs parents, including relevant information, self-reflection and coaching-based tips and strategies, designed to move you forward as a special parent.


Self-paced listening, learning, and implementation.


Access to audio content on completion of the program, via MP3 download, for convenient listening again in your free time.