This program is in the beta phase. If interested in participating, please contact me.


Passion – What is your joy?

What excites you at a visceral level? If there were no limits or boundaries, what would you be doing, saying, thinking? Without knowing your passion as an individual, team, or organisation, you’ll never know your joy. During the 1st part of this program, we will suss out what makes you tick? Your heart soar? Your face smile?

Purpose – Why does it (your joy) matter?

This is the “So what?” part of the program. You may ask, “What’s the point of living my joy?” – and I’ll ask you: What is the point of not living your joy? The 2nd part of the program explores the reason or meaning behind your passion and understanding the power and impact of you intentionally using it.

Presence – How does it (your joy) show up in your life?

Are you present but not present? You know that feeling of physically being present in that conversation or meeting but emotionally being absent? That is what happens when your passion and purpose is not manifested or showing up in your life. The 3rd and final part of the program teaches you 7 steps, both practical and emotional, to help you boldly live joyfully with intent, focus, and authenticity.

My signature 3P Joy-Finder Program is an 8-week programme designed to help you find your JOY by discovering, embracing, and owning your Passion, Purpose, and Presence (aka your 3Ps) intentionally and unapologetically.

The program also includes:


Weekly 1 Hour Call with Gigi


Private Online Group


Coaching-based Joy-Finder Exercises to Complete and/or Reflect On


Tips and Resources